Studio Information

Welcome to Claydreamers Pottery Studio, below you’ll find important information about attending our classes.

What to bring:

  • Please bring an apron, microfibre cloth, disposable or rubber dishwashing gloves for glazing, a towel for wheel work and wear closed toe shoes


  • Please refer to the attached diagram. There are four angle parking spaces at the top of the property, there are also two spaces available at the top of the driveway
  • Please consider our neighbours and not park in areas marked on the diagram as No Parking
  • Please try to use our spaces first before parking elsewhere in the street
  • Please tuck in off the road when angle parking

Health & Safety

  • Closed toe shoes must be work in the studio at all times
  • Clothing, aprons and towels need to be washed after each session
    • I recommend you soak before washing as clay may harm the motor of washing machines
  • Tool Boxes and Tools should be kept clean and free of clay
  • Clay scraps and shavings should be picked up from the floor or swept up using dustpan and broom before the clay dries
  • All studio tools should be washed and returned to place of origin
  • Table tops must be cleaned with generous amounts of water and Microfibre towel , paying attention to the entire table not just the small area in front of you
  • Please see last page for Covid-19 conditions

Wheel Workers

  • Please put heavy throwing slop & slip into the recycling bucket and not in the sink
  • Thoroughly clean wheel, wheel pan & all containers and sponges. After the wheel dries off wipe down with microfibre towel to remove clay dust
  • Upturn stools onto wheels at the end of the session


  • BYO Disposable or Dishwashing Gloves (Due to Covid we can no longer supply these)
  • Always wear gloves when glazing
  • Glaze onto newspaper for quick clean up
  • Wash wax application brushes thoroughly before they dry
  • Glaze splashes and spills should be wiped up straight away including the floor and the exterior of the glaze bucket and brushes

Missed Classes and Make-up sessions

  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled class, please let us know via text to 0417 054 035.
  • Please note that make-up classes are required to be taken within the term. Due to high demand for class space they can no longer be carried over to next term.

PARKING DIAGRAM – Please do not park in red areas.


  • Please do not attend class if you, or a close contact are unwell or a notified close contact of a covid-19 case or hotspot
  • Please sign in with QR Code before each class
  • Please use hand sanitiser provided
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly & often
  • Please maintain social distance where possible
  • Please comply with any other safety directions or restriction changes.

Thank you.