Mould-making and Slip-casting Workshop at The Throwing Room


Dates: Across 3 Saturdays in September/October
7th September, 14th September & 12th October. 9am-4pm each day. 

At The Throwing Room – 29 Rosella St, Doncaster East.

In this workshop you will learn how to make a 3 piece plaster mould. And a simple Slump Mould. Moulds are great way to be able to reproduce a design in series. The process of making the mould can take a little while, with plaster drying times and the set-up, but once a you have the mould you can produce dozens of identical pieces quite easily. A great skill to learn.
The two consecutive Saturdays in September will be for the mixing and pouring of the plaster moulds. After 4 few weeks to let our moulds dry, we will meet up again on October 12th to pour slip into our moulds and produce some pieces.

You will be required to bring a bisque fired original form in clay to cast from (a small simple cup or vase, max 10x10x10cm). And a plastic form, such as bowl or platter for the Slump Mould (head to the op-shop for a cheap plastic bowl or platter).

Instructions on successful shapes for both moulds will be advised prior to the workshop from Linda and the team.

Maximum 6 people, so please reserve your spot early.



· Use of Studio Cottles (for making the moulds)

· Plaster

· Casting slip for up to 2 pieces

· Morning and afternoon tea



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